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This page relates to information regarding Covid 19 and it's effect on the site at Shrublands

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Letter sent (by email or SMS) in February to members who had reserved pitches between March and 1st August 2020 as a result of Goverment and CAMC dictate.

Corona Virus - Covid-19 Update from Shrublands CL, Wighton, Norfolk

Dear Members

At Shrublands we have been carefully following the information surrounding the Corona Virus pandemic and the advice being given by the government and their specialists. As 'people at risk due to age and/or underlying medical conditions' ourselves and knowing that many of our regular and newly booked guests are also within that group we are acutely aware of the potential vulnerability of us all in close proximity and with a shared services area. We are also aware that in our local area the shopping and support infrastructure is already struggling to meet current demands. It is with regret that this, coupled with the decisions declared during the Prime Minister's press conference today, has confirmed that until further notice Shrublands must close.

We will not now take new bookings until the pandemic is declared safe enough to reopen.
For our members who have already booked we will obviously retain your bookings in the hope that the 'resume' comes before your reserved period.

For those of you that would prefer to cancel you will not lose your deposit, we will hold it over for rebooking later in 2020 or during 2021.

Please notify us of your preference at our email address:
We will post regular updates on our Facebook page:

Our best wishes to you all, stay safe.

Graham & Suki


Facebook Notice 27 May 2020

Good Afternoon, we hope everyone is staying patient and safe!

We have been in touch with the CMHC (as we have been receiving more calls from prospective guests telling us when we can reopen). We can tell you that the CMHC are saying that we can take bookings for pitches from the 4th July, HOWEVER, they also say that this date is not fixed, ACTUAL date permission to open will only happen when the government gives the go ahead, and until then bookings taken are only provisional.

We can confirm that after much discussion with many of our guests, that when we get permission, we will only open with the chemical toilet emptying point, power and water, but NOT open the toilet or shower; All guests will have to be self-sufficient and use their own toilet and shower facilities.

All pitches are serviced with both water and electric points and these will remain open (please bring your own connectors to link from the water point direct into your van if you wish). As detailed in previous communications we are happy to cancel any provisional bookings if people require use of our facilities and hold over bookings till next year 2021 (when we will review the situation). Please email or call if you have any questions.


Notice 03 June 2020 (website and Facebook)

Good morning! You can tell the weather has changed for us to be indoors on the computer, although we will be outside, working on the CL site, once we’ve finished on here.

Just a quick note to say we are full for July, August and September. All our bookings are only being provisionally held until we have confirmation that we can legally and safely open. We are not taking further bookings for October as we are holding spaces for all the deferred bookings (from the early part of the season) for people we agreed to hold-over deposits for. If you paid us a deposit and lost your booking through Covid19 your deposit is still valid for 2021.

Please note that if/when we reopen the shower and toilet will be closed for the rest of this year and we will reconsider opening them for 2021 nearer the time, should things start to look up.


Notice 05 July (website)

The site will open on 10th July however, we are fully booked for July, August and September. We are closed this October until March 2021 (subject to favourable Covid 19 outcome)

To comply with Government track and trace requirements we will now require all guests to complete a track and trace data form which, if not requested by the NHS in the meantime, will be destroyed 21 days after guest departure.